Trawheeling is all about travelling to new places and sharing experiences to inspire itchy feet. It is about two travellers who were meant to cross paths and start travelling together. This is our story. We have been travelling together for 6 years and now we have decided to share all our experiences with the people who want to travel. On trawheeling, you can get all the details about the different destinations, accommodations, places not to miss, itineraries, instagram spots, budget travel tips, our experiences from across the world.

Story Behind Name

The name sounds different. There is a story behind the name. When we started our weekend bike trips one day, we were sitting on a beach, and a thought came across what would we name our blog if we start writing our adventures? Since we started our travelling together on bike trips, we first came up with travelling wheels and ended up with the more tangy name “Trawheeling”. The picture below is the picture of the day when we came up with this name. It was a bike trip to Diu.

Trawheeling, Beach, Helmet, Sunglasses

Through this website, we will be sharing all our experiences of road trips, trekking, camping, bike trips etc. We are here to guide you through your travel!

Jindagi ek safar hai suhana so let’s start travelling, let’s start living adventure, roaming around new places, meeting people and finding love.

Who are we?

Shivangi Johri
I am a software developer by profession and a traveller by heart. Apart from my daily job, I love to travel and explore the places. I also love to document my travel and write about the places I have been to. Travelling for me is a way of life which reflects our personality.

I am an old school person in so many ways that I still like hand-written letters and hand-made gifts. I also like to read books and listen to good old music in my leisure time. Writing about my travel stories is a pleasure.

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Saket Saxena
I am a coder by profession, and create masterpieces both by my code and my camera. I love to travel and capture moments from my camera. I believe in living in the moment and creating memories for a lifetime.

I am gadget-savvy and like to collect all the photography gadgets. I love to go on roads with my Nikon, GoPro, DJI Osmo Mobile4 and tripod on my back.

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Places we have been…