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10 Best Places To Explore In Rajasthan
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10 Best Places To Explore In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most colourful, vibrant, culturally rich state of India. It is part of the Golden circle of India. Rajasthan is a popular travel destination because of its rich history, culture, heritage, forts, deserts, palaces, landscapes etc. This state offers almost every experience a traveller is looking for like from mountains to lakes,  deserts …

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How we explored vibrant colourful Jaipur in 4 days: Day 1

We have explored India from up North to down South. From thrilling bike trips to relaxed vacations, we had great experiences. India has so many magnificent places to offer, and one such colourful and vibrant city is Jaipur. It is the capital city in Rajasthan and also known as Pink city. We explored both touristy …