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Venice, the only reaction I remember from our trip was saying out loud these words “WOW  THIS IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM THE WORLD”. The memories are still afresh. The canals, the colourful houses and the only means of transportation water taxis, buses, gondolas etc not only just catches your eyes in the very first moment but reminds you of the beauty of this world. No doubt people call it Venice the most romantic city, it definitely makes you fall for it and in our case, it was love at first sight.

Venice the most romantic city, canals
Venice The Romantic City

“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.”  -Arthur Symons.

This quote says it all, and we understood it when we visited Venice. The place is uniques in its way and offers spectacular landscapes. The city has built in such a way that people often call it a miracle of genius. The canals, the gondoliers singing romantic melodies, beautiful gondolas sliding down the calm waters, intimate bridges, colourful buildings, eye-catching architecture, mesmerising sunsets, cosy islands and romantic waterfronts, all make Venice the romantic capital.

Canals and water taxis in Venice the most romantic city
Canals and water taxis in Venice


Venice has always been in our bucket list and when deciding for our Italy trip we had to prioritise Venice. While planning we decided to stay someplace which is near to bus stops and near to public transportation. There are various options to roam around in Venice but for us, public transportation seems to be best. We booked our BNB in Venice Mestre as firstly it was near to Venice Bus station and secondly we could reach Venice in 10 minutes via the city bus.

Venice the most romantic city
Venice the most romantic city

In love with Venice, the romantic city because of

There are so many reasons that made us fall in love with this city and make us put it in our favourite places to visit.

1. Grand Canal and the Gondolas roaming around

Yes, people might call us big Bollywood fans, but we do like old school romance, and gondola rides in the Grand Canal are the perfect way to take you back in time. Isn’t it romantic to stroll the city in a gondola with a gondolier singing local songs to you? It feels like time has slowed down, and everything around is soothing.

Grand Canal, Venice the most romantic city
Grand Canal

2. Colorful and most picturesque island Burano

Burano at first look felt like a dreamland as a place so colourful could exist in real was difficult to believe. This idyllic place upon the Venetian lagoon will inspire your love for life and dreams. The houses are so vibrantly coloured that they look like a fairy-tale place.

Burano Island Coloured houses, Venice the most romantic city
Burano Island

Immerse yourself in the love all around and get lost in the beautiful intimate streets.

Colorful House in Burano
Burano Island

3. Stunning glass souvenirs in Murano Island

Away from the mainland and hustle-bustle of tourist spots, this small island is a peaceful spot to take a walk in the confining alleys, looking at the coloured glasswork. To experience the island more intimately, you can see the remarkable technique of glassmaking by going to the glass factories, art showrooms etc.

Murano Island, Venice
Murano Island

4. Magnificent Architecture of the gorgeous city

We are still in awe of the beautiful and grand architecture of the city. It charms you with its captivating architecture. Places like The Bridges of SighRialto BridgeDoge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica have the architectural and historical significance. If you want to indulge in history, the best way is to visit these places and take the walking tour. Wander around Saint Mark’s Square and enjoy the city.

Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge
St. Mark's Square
St. Mark’s Square
Doge's Palace
Doge’s Palace
Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark’s Basilica

5. Mesmerising Sunsets

Watching the sun go down from one of the canals in Venice is exhilarating. You people would love the sunset views. Sunsets are always precious, and the ones that leave an impression on your memory are the marvellous ones.

Sunsets in Venice
Sunsets in Venice

6. Dinner at the romantic cafes by the side of the canal

Romantic dinner date nights by the canals are the perfect way to end your day in Venice. There are lots of cafes which offer the most magical view and the delicious food options. We were thrilled to stop by a side cafe and had a candlelight dinner by the canal with perfect music. No place is better for date nights than Venice. The moon thriving over the sky, the soft breeze, the canal, the majestic city view, the music and delicious food makes it all perfect romantic destination.

To get the list of places to visit in Venice, you can check this blog.

How to roam around Venice?

The easiest way to roam around in Venice is taking ACTV day pass. This pass includes buses and water buses. Also, buy this pass if you are planning to visit the islands in Venice. Otherwise, you can buy a single ticket every time. This pass comes in multiple variants. You can buy a day pass from actv website.


Cost of the trip:

Milan-Venice – Bus tickets -10.13 Euros

Venice Travel Card – 20 Euros

Stay – 25 Euros

Food- 9.5 Euros

Total cost- 64.63 Euros

Venice is one of the most different and magnificent city. There is something very special about the place. Plan your visit to Venice the most romantic city.

Let us know in comments would you like to visit Venice?

Keep travelling!

Love, Laugh, Live and Travel!!


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